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Suicide Prevention & Intervention

Currently offered in San Diego South County middle and high schools, HERE NOW is a prevention and early intervention program to help youth recognize the warning signs of depression and suicide in themselves or a friend and how to seek help. Youth may receive assessment and linkage to mental health support if a need is identified.

The curriculum focuses on:

  • Educating youth, their families, and the community on risk factors and warning signs using an evidenced-based curriculum called Signs of Suicide (SOS).
  • Reducing the stigma around seeking help for themselves and for others.
  • Working to support the school culture and environment to help youth thrive.

HERE Now is a five-year program funded through County of San Diego Behavioral Health.

Additional Referrals

  • Connect youth with a school counselor or someone who can refer therapeutic services.
  • Help the youth to build their support system (trusted adults, safe spaces)
  • Utilize the ACCESS AND CRISIS HOTLINE 1-888-724-7240
  • South Bay Community Services 619 -420-3620
  • Call 911 if in imminent danger.



  • Suicide is the second leading cause of death for those between the ages 11-18
  • 90% of those who die by suicide display warning signs
  • Depression is treatable and suicide is preventable

What does it mean when a child or teen is suicidal?

  • A youth who is feeling suicidal is considering taking or planning to take their own life.
  • In many cases, young people who consider or attempt suicide do not really want to die, rather they want the pain to end and see no other options.
  • A suicide attempt can be a cry for help. It is our responsibility to respond.

What are some signs?

  • Lack of interest in activities or surroundings
  • Increased irritability, moodiness or aggressiveness.
  • Changes in relationships/friendships
  • Isolation
  • Lower academic performance/grades
  • Statements about not wanting to live anymore
  • Death themes in reading, writing, or internet searches
  • Self Injury